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Please call 856.208.7300 to set up an appointment with Dr. Dal.


Fee schedule is as follows:

Initial consultation, 50-60 minutes $370
Medical psychotherapy, 45-50 minutes $270
with/without medication management
Medication management, 20 minutes $180
Telephone sessions, 20 minutes $180
30 – 45 minutes $270
Consented consultation with third party, 30 min $270
School consultations, 20 minutes $180
Extended, 45 minutes $270
Completion of external paperwork, fee per hour $270
Prior Authorizations, Pharmacy/Insurance calls $50
or paperwork, 20 min
Legal Consultations varies varies



Please be sure to cancel 48 hours in advance whenever cancellation is necessary. This time is reserved for you and cannot be rescheduled on short notice. Patients are liable for payment of appointments not cancelled within 48 work hours. Emergency cancellations may be exempt, depending on frequency.


Please note that all patients are responsible to make the payment online at the time of scheduling or when you come to your appointment. We cannot provide direct insurance billing nor accept direct insurance compensation due to various reasons such as onerous delays, excessive paperwork, and the compromise of patient confidentiality. We will provide you with billing statements that may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement, at your discretion.